In 2008 our Israeli family of nine embarked on an extraordinary adventure... or perhaps it was a severe mid-life crisis... depending upon whom you ask. We sold our house and belongings, packed 18 suitcases and flew off to a new life on the South Pacific Island of Kauai on the opposite end of the Earth. We all fell in love with the breathtaking mountains, beaches, waterfalls, surfboards, farmers markets, double rainbows and the peaceful ‘Spirit of Aloha’. 


We sat around nightly campfires with new friends and the kids all learned to play instruments and sing in delightful harmony. We formed a family band called ‘HAVAIIA’ (a Hebrew word that means Connecting Heaven and Earth) and began gigging, recording and filming ourselves. We self produced an album and music videos that have been played on 33 different TV stations and enjoyed by millions worldwide.

We are now back in Israel and plan to one day share our fascinating true life story as a musical movie! If you feel inspired to join our musical journey in any way, we would love to hear from you! Join our mailing list and we'll keep you updated...